Guardians & Public Art Installations

Guardian of The Arts. Created from record, Cracker Jack charms, book cover, spools, beads.



B​irds soar over the lines that topographers draw on maps. There are no borders in their skies or in my studio. My physical work echos the migration process. I use reclaimed materials to create guardians, public art installations and history walls for public places.   Separately they are objects sorted into bins. Together, I marry them together to create artwork.  The Guardians are sculptural figures vested with stories; each piece is one-of-a-kind. I am a mixed media artist working on both large and small scale projects. My large installations are primarily in hospitals and schools.

My husband, Jeff, is the other half of my team and helps with installations and trouble shooting material challenges. He also gets me out of my studio to take time to play.

My Church


I spend my free time in the mountains or on the water and am inspired by the beauty that surrounds me. I am grateful to live in a place that is teaming with opportunities to play outside. The time I spend playing feeds my creative energy to create guardians and design public art installations.

My Family


I am fortunate to have an amazing husband and son. They have been an important part of my journey as an artist; hauling my artwork, traveling to shows to sell guardians, helping me with installations of hospital murals and history walls. And always, surrounding me with love and support.


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